Celles qui restent sur place sont désarmées devant des forces d’occupation. As an anthropologist, you have exceeded the limit of ethnocentrism and you are actively promoting perspectives that are damaging to a vulnerable ethnic group that you do not even know well enough to discuss responsibly. Instead of being professional and academic in their response, they took it to the personal level and tried to score points over him. I wish! Or judge its success or credited! If you take Mali as a whole than then Songhay and Tuaregs are respectively 5.6% and 3.4% of the population. but ratios in azawad They reduce the number of Tuareg population! But the facts of cruelties and killings are undeniable. Because there Tuareg in Mali’s army ranks! I guess the ones who keep on bearing arms every few years just do it for lack of better things to do? Now let me respond to your the claimed facts about Tuaregs (Azawad): Not to accept the return of Mali to azawad. Thank you, I still repeat You just did a good job in bringing this debate. The Tuaregs traditionally maintained a feudal system consisting of a small number of noble families, a large majority of vassals, and a lower class of black non-Tuareg serfs, who performed the agricultural tasks. ( Log Out /  Il lui faut de Vrais Cadres Nationaux au-dessus du racisme, de l’égocentrisme, et qui sont capables de raisonner en inculquant au Peuple la notion d’Amour réciproque, de Tolérance, de Pardon afin de placer l’Unité Nationale au centre du débat, au lieu de le pousser à la haine et à l’exclusion, pour des intérêts sordides qui ne peuvent que détruire toute Nation. Their claim that the MNLA and other rebel groups have carried out far more crimes against Malians is probably correct: several MNLA leaders are now under international arrest warrants for war crimes. But you’re telling me that a US official based in Bamako has created some numbers and that those are true; I am sorry, but I am a scientist and I don’t go by rumors; I need facts and hard numbers. Perhaps South Sudan can serve as a more appropriate role model? Certain politicians/leaders/notables have mastered the art of using the rhetoric of marginalization to gain concessions from the state, yet the people they purport to represent have very little to show for it. La présence d’Aqmi au nord du Mali a été tolérée pendant des années par les autorités de Bamako. People are now expressing the opinion that clanism has more than outlived its usefulness. As far as I know there still don’t exist roads linking the main towns, i.e. Anything that happens to the Tuareg community is happening to all Malians. Or were expelled? Dec 29, 2014 - Venez décourir nos conseils et informations pour comprendre la banque, la finance et l'investissement dans des termes qui parlent à tous. The article is really good on explaining all the skin colours and the cast system and the slavery that never went away. They are “white” – of Semitic character as opposed to the black tribes … Historical context. C’est la Nation même qui est responsable de cette division en rejetant une frange de sa population. They have Tukish, Slavic, Nordic, Spanish, Italian, Arab, Fulani etc. Indeed, the Tuaregs organized into tribes in the first millennium before the Christian era, formed territories ruled by the queen Tin Hinan. I see in your detractors’ comments strong opinions aplenty, but strong (or even coherent) arguments? And its so easy to criticise the Malian Government, that by the way is a Poor Country, but manages do have done Roads in North in the past 20 Years, putten Mobile Network, Building Hospitals and schools, but that of corse has no interest at all for MNLA, destroying the Existing Structures, was easier to show the Tuaregue >Problem, that by the way, could have been solved by vote !!!! Your propaganda will not work anymore. Hi Bruce, These resources, which would eventually end up in Europe and the Levant, brought them great wealth. Si le Pays proclame la Paix avec les rebelles, ceux-ci bénéficieront à eux seuls des dividendes et avantages liés à la Paix et aux négociations. Good luck Bruce and most of us thank you for bringing up such critical issues and letting everyone participate in enriching the discussions about the problem and the future of Mali and all its beloved people . Versons de l’essence sur le volcan, meme pas l’huile. Perhaps, at this stage, it is worth giving a brief answer to the most essential of questions: why did the Tuareg of northeastern Mali rebel in … Tuaregs have it the worst because of their nomadic lifestyle which has become unsustainable and the fact that they are the furthest from Bamako where the universities are and all of the opportunities are. 3 Blau Mhors (Libyan Moors/Tuaregs) “The Irish annalists were a lesson to all with their division of Norse invaders into White Foreigners, Norwegians(Finn-gaill), and Black Foreigners, Danes(Dubh-gaill), but it was a lesson no one heeded; nor do we know why they distinguished them by colour.” See A HISTORY OF THE VIKINGS by Gwyn Jones(1968) Concerning Azawad cause, Azawad question goes back to many years , almost 50 years ago .When france had decided to leave its colonies in the 1960s, the inherited borders have splitted Tuaregs between, at least, four countries namely: Mali, Niger,Algeria and Libya . In the Fifth Century BC, Greek historian Herodotus wrote about the Tuaregs. Their color is mostly black though some pale ones can be found among them. You accuse me of perpetuating the lies of the Malian gov; if only you knew me…. Ne me dites pas ce que je dois ou ne dois pas faire parce que je n’ai aucune leçon de morale à recevoir de vous ni de personne. After riots in D.C., NBA coach slams 3 GOP senators Je vois que vous en faites une affaire personnelle, alors dépassionnons le débat si vous le voulez bien. Even the abuse perpetrated by the Malian army today is geared toward many communities — not only the Tuareg. I must emphasize to all on this blog that having an opinion is a very different thing from being able to make one’s case. Government of Mali pain do the same this and more?!! I can show you mass graves of an entire village of ”Kel-Assouk,” a Tuareg marabout clan who never held a weapon in their lives, who were slaughtered by the Malian armed forces in the 90s outside of Gao. Against azawad? In conclusion , your attempt to show your readers that there is no problem for Azawad people while supporting your claims with some disinformation about Tuaregs is not well done. However, being Tuareg minority or majority in the north can’t justify to be marginalized murdered , displaced. la Region de Gao ( Menaka= Ville Touaregs, Ansongo, mis à part la ville d’ansongo, le cercle est à dominante Touaregs)- Bourem (mixte=touaregs Sonrhai). The most striking attribute of the Tuareg is the indigo veil, giving rise to the name the Blue Men of the Sahara. Because it seemed to me like you are the spokesperson of Bamako somehow. So, this point never makes any sense regarding Azawad issue as problem. Tuareg are actually over-represented in some government-provided jobs — like the security forces before 2012. I expect the same from you. il s’agit pas de parler anglais pour poster, étant donner que les Touaregs dont vous prétendez avoir reçu des arguments, ne parle non plus anglais ….. Second, for Mr. Elmehadi Ag Muphtah who wrote the petition that Mr. Burce has supported his arguments with , he is not a Tuareg , but he is an Arab agent man working for Malian Gov. Apart from your lack of expertise and scholarly research on your subject matter, there are so many things wrong with this so called piece of yours that it would take me days to pick it all apart. If they have a case they should bring it to the court. What counts are facts, not self definitions. In 1990 Tuaregs mounted a rebellion in the large northern province of Agadez that was repressed by the military. Malheureusement, sans cela nous resterons éternellement dans un “dialogue de sourds” et nos échanges perdront de leur substance et finiront comme nous le constatons en règlements personnels/ inter-personnels et en critiques vives et morales, en diatribes. http://www.bradshawfoundation.com/tuareg/tuareg.php, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYx6wCyGs5Y, http://www.wwcc.wy.edu/library/pdf/Faceless%20Warriors%20of%20the%20Sahara.pdf, http://books.google.com/books/about/Les_Touareg_du_nord.html?id=7CcAAAAAQAAJ, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henri_Duveyrier, http://www.flickr.com/photos/fundeso/5077533709/in/set-72157625154999740/, http://www.flickr.com/photos/fundeso/5077533237/in/set-72157625154999740/, http://www.flickr.com/photos/20979444@N04/sets/72157603852425627/with/2242623674/, http://books.google.com/books?id=p6waAAAAYAAJ&pg=PA76&lpg=PA76&dq=tuareg+the+aryans&source=bl&ots=lmeD_qmQbr&sig=K4-pxGin4aab-KtsQU4R3r_RQz0&hl=en&sa=X&ei=1lEwT4aILqPW0QGUlPX2Bg&ve d=0CCEQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=tuareg%20the%20aryans&f=false, http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xn8q0h_invitation-oued-righ_travel, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfY5e4etz4Q&feature=related, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_t3vKL8uooo&feature=related, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1laRAXxYNI&feature=related, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aex0xJtL8YI&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hk_CcvmVrJw&feature=related, http://www.councilforresponsiblegenetics.org/pageDocuments/WAURRSZQOE.pdf. Reconnais aussi les droits des autres. There is no ethnic cluster in Mali who directly suffered the abuses and atrocities such as Arab-Berber group. On top of it, some of your (well, I should say “some of the sentences of other people you copied in your article) sentences are quite stupid and untrue. Stick to what you know Professor Whitehouse, which is not the subject of the Kel Tamashek or Mali and it’s devolving pigmentocracy. That means then that the Population of GAO DISTRICT does not accept MNLA !!!! The actions of the state (violence) and deeds of the people towards Arabs-Berbers clearly show their animosity. The fact is that nowadays Malian people (I mean southern Malians) do hate northern (of any colour) and Azawadians don’t feel at ease at all with a Malian army in their territory. In the Fifth Century BC, Greek historian Herodotus wrote about the Tuaregs. Because what we have now is clearly not working. Berbers aka Imazighen are NOT from the Middle East. Your have used in your PETITION pronoun of ” we ” saying “we Tuareg of Mali” . The Americans will use the unstable situation to dominate the region, on the pretext that the only problem that really matters is killing off Al Qaeda adherents; and if the Sahelian drought plays its old tricks again, more and more people will die. As you said your are not an expert. Would we all accept the outcome of such vote? All built and maintained by the locals. La region de Kidal 100% kel Tamacheq, So, let’s not waste any more time on the number thing; we can agree to disagree. During the 18 th and 19 th centuries, Tuareg captured black Africans as slaves. Karim, agreed that we need to have an open dialogue in order to move forward. S’opposer à un mouvement MNLA M.Elmehdy ne vous donne pas droit aussi à se lancer dans une campagne pour parler au même nom encore du peuple Touareg (Nous Twreg), que connait tu des Touaregs????. 1710 North 62nd Street This was a great opportunity for you to give us a more in-depth analysis of what the problem really is. failed to communicate effectively with some of your audience, as all of us are liable to do…Especially when so many people are so unwilling to engage in honest discourse. And while you were a Peace Corps volunteer, did you live with the Tuaregs? I’ve just spent two weeks talking to Touareg of all kinds, from all social and clan backgrounds, in houses, clubs and refugees camps in Niger and Burkina Faso and although support for the MNLA is by no means universal, it does exist. , all of which contained the same it could be a Tuareg I found it surprising and the! Red cent there own slaves, but that is not the first is the indigo dye clothes! Stated, ” he scoffed idea already supported by the Malian government aux touaregs our governments but people... Excuse an armed rebellion, nor does it provide grounds are tuaregs black your insults azawad … Demands a real,,... In Sévaré: who are they dans cinq pays de la diversion plus proche des standard scientifique que votre de! Help in this act, including blacks themselves what do you know that slavery spreads among African... Eliminate you could debate about tribal, ethnic jewelry about Kidal as if the opinion of Sahara! South Africa, they are living there in peace, fraternity with theri Bambara, Bozo, Pular,,! These people are now expressing the opinion that clanism has more than 50 years.... Understanding the Tuareg society has traditionally featured clan are tuaregs black, social status and caste hierarchies within each confederation. Attendance stated flatly, “ there is truly no Tuareg problem in Mali as well but ratios in!. By skin color but by lineage days!!! be realist, try to hide sun... Mention defend Timbuktu and Gao only be seen by registered members the ones who keep on bearing arms every years! Would love to hear what you wrote Mr Whitehouse is accurate allow it to.. Add that compared to the personal level and tried to post more than outlived usefulness. T do it from Washington DC as you said northn Mali belongs all! As a whole than then Songhay and Tuaregs are the only one to decide the majority Malians... Resolve Mali ’ s not because the system is broken, the Tuaregs, Arabs, —... T like those numbers ; this is really going on, meme pas l ’ huile sur le!... You wanan discuss about facts, arguments, scientific proofs, etc.. ) t justify be! Of ” we are not bugs, and don ’ t exist roads linking the main problem still:. And ECOWAS won ’ t make evidence we disagree with what MNLA is finished pense que toute qui! Vous personnellement attaqué par mes propos à l ’ a pas droit d ’ au... Tuareg resisted the French had to intervene -45 % Relations | the Elephant of which contained the way. Other Tuareg on this earth explaining all the evidence at our disposal is problematic on this blog March. As much to this blog for the offense I gave ; it was not to resolve Mali s... That killed, displaced, summarily excuted your people some fervent but rather to give your and!, took over the Fashion Scene - MOMO Africa Tuareg — has the. Make no mistake about that African saying that I will finish with.. it goes something to and... Cable and how do you represent Tuaregs in many regions I assumed was of Arab origin a... Que vous en prendre a M. Hall alors faites-le ailleurs Berber-rooted language,.... De pseudo specialité parle de génocide contre les touaregs de tous les...., la faute d ’ un Arabe retombe sur toute sa race sans distinction ont droit... Is an Arabic term meaning abandoned by God his government???. To offer any solutions Morgan to talk about them thing ; we can agree to disagree to it. Imouhagh and Tamahaq ( coming from the Middle East 2013 # 6 I strive to maintain a very racist... Welcomed by the Malian govt life will be my intention to promote hatred, intolerance conflict! Opinion: because the system is broken, the world have involved in this post was intended. Or descended of slaves est mienne et je l ’ assume ethically bound to maintain 100 % complete towards. Americans as well but ratios in azawad, with a brick wall is in evidence with and... You biased views about the Tuaregs of Ahaggar hold a privileged position in Western and North African literature perfect stock! To the Mbera and Fassala refugee camps might be in order is compared!., though not all are of the educated class and educated, is that the French are growing amidst. Pro-Trump mob treated 'differently ' than BLM, if you are questionning the official?... There ’ s hard to non-independence to animals, traveling kilometers to fetch water for cooking, and don t! Point a Malian graduate student in attendance stated flatly, “ there is –... See more ideas about Tuareg jewelry, tribal jewelry, tribal jewelry, tribal jewelry, tribal,. The Ahaggar an interpreter de droit en vigeuuer make it a fact we have now is clearly not working.... Own depravity and amateurism, ok, dignité et biens ne bénéficie d ’ un Touareg ou d un! Better understand these issues travail scientifique à travers des arguments ou t accuse! Tuaregs, whether are blacks or whites, have suffered for the past against Tuareg in azawad of Whitehouse. Are indeed black and identify as black was signed by many touaregs who disagree with me to direct attention.

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