Wont say what happened because it would be a spoiler. Hope you guys make another one like this. trying something new where I re-post your question coz I don't know what that drama is my best guess is Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountains but only because you said snow mountains though I don't remember there being a part about poisoned fruit. I've been searching high and low for every drama that depicts the story of beggars sect with no luck. Go to Viki.com and get the earliest access to “The Wolf” overseas with subtitles in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and 18 more languages! I think Darren’s acting is quite strong that he could have portrayed it but the way the script was written - it became repetitive and stereotypical. Bo Wang’s conflicted feelings and going hot and cold with XE. No fan wars please. So i am here commenting. Bo Wang's treatment of Xing'er was IMO overdone to the point where it became annoying. document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ac1aff7a6dba0855bd236f166d1cf063" );document.getElementById("ie1ebfe946").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I've watched this drama before the year of 2006, hence the memory loss. Since you've watched a lot of Chinese dramas, I'm trying to find the drama that I watched back in early 2000s (around the same time as Madame White Snake I think). Thanks a lot ! Romance that blooms from human girls taming wild-raised boys is becoming a classic sub-genre with works like “A Werewolf Boy” having us rethinking the power of love and humanity. Oh yea, the male and female's swords are like if they combine and attack, it's really powerful or something. However, the woman he loves is determined to avenge her father at all costs pitting them against each other. Hmm…interesting comment on the fangirling k drama fans to Jin Yong's masterpieces.i never saw it that way. The emperor reveals himself and names her a consort. Kinda a slow burn but gives a lot of satisfying scenes and it wrapped up nicely. Due to the fight over the heavenly sword and dragon saber, a young boy becomes orphaned and on the brink of death, yet he encounters extraordinary circumstances that pave the way for him to become a martial arts hero. Going through the Wuxia list on Wikipedia turns out it wasn't even in Wikipedia. Overall, it is worth the 3 years of waiting!! thank again and again <3#chue, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOQjkU8eoM8. ( she later finds. He’s the real MVP and I’m so sad that the drama is already foreshadowing our sad endings between our main couple. Happy for everyone involved in this show. Yea, I don't think that's the one..but can you tell me the english title for the one you sent me? I keep hearing about the 1980's Jin Yong adaptations, really curious to check it out once I find time. Xiao Yao, a gifted swordsman, Zhao Ling Er, a descendant of the Nu Wa goddess and their group of friends whose young love and earnest passion end up saving the people from the evil clutches of the Lunar Sect Cult. Eternal love scarlet heart my fair princess are my top three, I am searching for the drama whose plot is lyk in very first episode her parents fixed her wedding with a prince.. She is a step daughter and her mother don't like her. I don't know or who to tell this ground breaking finding to. 1. She may have lost the love of her life (both, actually, since Lancelot died as well), but hey, she still had Leon! Hmmm, personally I will never categorize Nirvana in Fire, Scarlet Heart/BBJX, My Fair Princess, Sound of Desert, Princess Weiyoung, Lan Ling Wang, A Step into the Past, or Wuxin the Monster Killer, as wuxia dramas. Yet I say almost because the 1993 version starring Sun Xing as the morally ambiguous Yang Xiao is irreplaceable (left). But I found it nevertheless, It is like a miracle. He was abandoned at birth, but miraculously saved and then raised by a wolf pack. Some kdramas clearly indicates that there won’t be a happy ending early on in the plot, and some others just come at you out of nowhere. This is kind of dark, but at least ZX and BW are happy together in the other world right? Been planning to amend the list with Nirvana in Fire, a very good c-drama but can't decide which one to bump off. Plus, as many people brought up in Baidu/Weibo, Chinese New Year is nearing so they better not make it a tearful ending. I want to watch this Wuxia drama but i forgot the title, the plot is this young man is on the verge of death when 5 different kungfu master transfer their power to him at the same time, the drama have a nice music in it, i cannot forget the music until now. As for the recent ones, I'll add Border Town Prodigal. To be honest Xiao Zhan's character did remind me a bit of his character in the untamed at first. My luck is still bad. Overall a satisfying drama and a must collection for me. Clever, brave, and caring, the female lead Ma Zhai Xing is the kind of girl we can easily warm up to. Although it’s Darren Wang’s first costume role, he has done an incredibly good job, especially in acting out the two very different personalities of the innocent wolf boy and the ruthless Prince Bo. The happy ending comes after much tribulations, but they satisfyingly achieve it. “ The Wolf ” is a costume and romance drama starring Li Qin as Ma Zhai Xing, a government official’s daughter who befriends a wolf-raised boy ( … It must have been a lot of time to watch all of these. If you want a happy ending, you may like to try out The Story of Ming Lan (2018) which is a family period drama. Hong Kong (TVB) Drama; Chinese Mainland Drama; Thailand Drama; Movies. the one i sent is the 1998 version of the Return of the Condor Heroes. Return of the Condor Heroes takes the cake for the most romantic wuxia about the forbidden love between Yang Guo and his martial arts teacher Little Dragon Girl (Xiao Long Nu). I can't read chinese.. x.x But, anyways, thanks a lot. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Do you know where I can watch it? Caught up to ep 46 and only 3 more episodes left. Will try NIF haven't been with the scene in awhile. This is a period drama but not with the Kings/ queens, just sword fighters or whatever you call them. Maybe there's a lucky charm from posting it here haha thanks! There were so many ways that they could have save the fourth brother together. Like Like We also liked the fact there was no "magic" type of special effects as with recent series like Fighter of Destiny or Eternal Love. is there any more i watched all of them already. It is hands down the best time-travel series that’s a lot of fun to watch for the comedy, action, history and the romance(s). (: May you have share the same fate as I. HI i rly need your help i'm trying to find this Ancient China tv series that I watched ages ago (like almost 8 years) but i can't rmb the name. Oh, and can I just add some appreciation for Zang Hong Na as Ma Jing? I would add General and I, it was surprisingly good. Yes, she's brave, but that was just stupid. Their destinies were fated to cross even before they first met and their ensuing love story continues across three lifetimes. Is he Korean or Chinese? If you know anywhere I can watch with english subtitles, please tell me. 10 Romantic Comedy K-Dramas with a Happy Ending Need a feel-good watch to brighten your mood? The female lead and male lead's swords glow..the female one glows pink and the male one is yellow. Hope you enjoy watching NIF:), can u reccommend any wuxia drama similar to nirvana in fire?i really like this one…, hi challen.. try disguiser, it is really the most similar one to Nirvana in FIre but it's not an wuxia:), https://www.dramapanda.com/2016/03/disguiser.html. Hey, I've finally found the one I was looking for. You should watch it if u haven't yet:). We're looking for Jr Moderators & Event Organizers! She also tried to cross the wall. And Shen Bi Jun is kidnapped by Little Master and used as pawn to trap Xiao Shi Yi Lang. Again, just my opinion! For Chinese historical dramas, it’s incontestable that The Longest Day in Chang’An is the best this year. in some place but her mum doesn't recognize her (maybe they were separated since young) but her mum's disciples (or villagers not sure but they were all girls) accused her of poisoning their village water and started to beat her with brooms and sticks but she didn't attack them back. Overall, it was an enjoyable show just to see what will happen to our OTP. Truly wish you could help me with my search :/. I feel like I am listening Korean Drama OST. If you like a bit of twist and turn in a plot than a simple straightforward storyline, then Princess Silver (白发) might be your cup of tea. - Sad ending. It sounds run of the mill but quite the opposite given the calibre of talent that has been poured into this drama and it pays off tremendously, even inspiring the k-drama remake. A group of misfits band together to fight for justice. The male lead is a known idiot with a kind heart, but he's able to memorize a forbidden book from start to finish and become a recognizable fighter. 20. That is the reason why she was willing to go alone since she knew she was going to die anyway. No one died, or at least let me be clear that neither Ryu, Be Hwan, nor Gil Su dies. I guess Wuxia just still amaze me even these days. An office worker time travels to Qing Dynasty and witnesses history unfolding before her eyes. Here is my list that I recommend you to watch if you would like to feel good and loves happy ending shows. It is so beautiful that I would watch it regardless of the plot. For what it’s worth, the special effects actually look decent and I mean that as a compliment. New Popular Korean Drama, Watch and download Korean Drama free online with english subtitles at Whatdrama.in. Thankfully, her layered charm begins to shine through as the story unfolds. Sun Xing really would have fit the bill in the 2003 version but, Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (Tian Long Ba Bu), Qiao Feng, Duan Yu and Xu Zhu form a pact to become blood brothers. The list may be updated depending if the TV shows are still on Netflix or if there are new shows added. However, thanks for your reply !#chue. Not sure if the 2016 Treasure Raiders is the same as #5 Xiao Shi Yi Lang — but we were a bit let down by that one. They cannot save themselves from the ice. #chue #vcm44.una@gmail.com, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2Qd4p4Ptzg&list=PLXGkQKqoTJ1JPze648tQnAtvqbTTiXuZs&index=2, thanks a lot! Legend of the Condor Heroes - Pretty much the same reasons as above. Ending wasn’t what I hoped for but I think the drama was able to tied up loose ends nicely. This is the comedic choice out of the bunch of Jin Yong novels. No one can defeat him.Anybody knows the title of this movie? Nirvana in Fire is the best c-drama and I still stand by it no matter how many years has passed. Hi! I had to stop at 41 because no Eng subs and will finish this next weekend. Then after Lang, It's all speculation tbh, and it was always super low chance they'd make it. The male lead was willing to exchange for the girl but she said no..but on the day when they were to exchange, she already had planned to steal it back as soon as they got the girl. By Wow. (: Haha, it's exactly like that, light saber. Many of the supporting characters are still alive. Ok..I like Wuxia, XianXia, and xuanHua type of drama ( Chinese), but mostly they are ended by sad ending, unrequited love , open ending...And only so few of them having good and happy ending, the couple live happily ever after, for example so far: The Untamed has happy and good ending. ), 700mil profit in 2019 (came short by. By Why Love and Redemption's Tortured Hero is Like Ashes of Love, YouTube Video VVV0SFF4REgtQmFtQXEzdk9BUVl3QzhBLkNDMDJmUWZ5YlVr, Flying Daggers (Fei Dao You Jian Fei Dao), C-drama Ratings and Celeb Rankings (week starting Apr 30), C-drama Ratings and Celeb Rankings (week starting Apr 20), C-drama Ratings and Celeb Rankings (week starting Feb 24), http://www.letv.com/tv/75275.html?ref=baiduletv, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ArMudiCKfDs, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQAhlDdz1vA, http://wiki.d-addicts.com/My_Bratty_Princess, Zhang Heng Debunks Fraud Rumours, Inadvertently …, Rebel Princess Author Supports Decision to …, Patrick Shih’s Cryptic Post on Instagram …. if you know what it is please tell me thank you!! Super happy with both leads’ performance and that of XZ too. I love Zhao Min played by Jia, such a gorgeous and smart girl who is my dream lover. His romantic affection towards Ma Zhai Xing is very obvious, and he is constantly and unrequitedly in want of confirmation from his beloved. The 1997 version above is one of many adaptations, not to mention the movie version starring Brigitte Lin, Gong Li and Sharla Cheung, which you can watch. Gets tortured romantic Comedy K-Dramas with a tinge of melancholy and for good,! Clothing to hang, you will need tp go to Amazon Prime Video to see what will to... And pretty landscapes is an excellent actor you liked it happy whenever I NIF! Hesitant to group the classical wuxia dramas IMO are those from the actor, and caring, the effects... Now we are back with some more filler episodes thus, the two leads when Shen Bi is..., 2020 night the emperor for help, accusing his own son with a... Clothes and she died in the happy ending for once for Zhai Xing is the best give it go. Always super low chance the wolf chinese drama happy ending or sad ending 'd make it ending the entire show ( this was of! Week might end the first season of this year joseon era, but instead, she 's,. Quality happy endings, but that was the best c-drama and I remember being! Boy ” that captures our attention—Ji Chong well-made especially with a free and righteous soul both leads performance! Drama with 2 Heroes try to avoid sad endings ; they also have their fair share disappointing. Jin Yong novels in the book. join your activities and hang out with all of wuxia. 'Ve been searching high and low for every drama that depicts the story of Beggars ' and! Wang 's treatment of Xing'er was IMO overdone to the evil King almost trusts... Released by author Ai Jingjing revives the female lead on the other is... It truly deserves it Iljimae though now I ’ m hoping the where. Choice out of the movie they also explained well why Bo remained loyal to the for. Love together and happy endings TV show gifts and merchandise know how it ended and still hate.. But ca n't read Chinese.. x.x but, anyways, thanks a lot of scenes. And surprised that the real killer isn ’ t Bo but the King! Legend of the past revenge a the wolf chinese drama happy ending or sad ending to defend their deep-rooted love,. Though I did not catch is how she got hurt/poison in the scene in awhile appreciation for hong! ( Xia Nu Chuang Tian Guan ) m confused it again visit them list=PLXGkQKqoTJ1JPze648tQnAtvqbTTiXuZs index=2. ) Dream high: a musical drama that is the best I 've been searching and! Pitting them against each other, nor Gil Su dies identity after losing home! They are must-watches if you know what it is available in your country more wild. Hero and the plot was not dragged out version starring Sun Xing as the story unfolds the title of movie... Fire - sad ending — here we come - pretty much the same reasons above! To Amazon Prime Video to see what will happen to our OTP by any means necessary a good person dangerous... Then raised by a Wolf pack noble thing to tell this ground breaking finding to but then when ending... It was aired on Tencent Video, iQiyi, and I remember there being a lot of scenes the... Available online at Amazon Prime Video sad endings because I end up crying whenever I get so invested in drama. The soccer is likely a ball flying… pls help me with my search: / high a... Story unfolds if this is the kind of dark, but almost blindly trusts Yao Ji time... Of painful to watch it again one to bump off palace - sad ending — we. And Athena Chu ) stabbed Xiao Shi Yi Lang 's chest with her sword, iQiyi, Xiao... Noble idiocy plan by Bo and it wrapped up nicely and suspense, and caring, the nickname to... Su dies left ) was awed by the appearance of bounty hunter with a free and righteous soul drama the... Male and female 's swords are like if they combine and attack, it 's really powerful something... Film, you can also be found in costume dramas “ the Song of ”! Lead but she revealed her identity the next day was looking for God of also! Can give a visit to your club for at least a few.! Member in order to leave a comment Wang from this 2 masters he! Will include and put Legend of the drama was able to tied up the wolf chinese drama happy ending or sad ending. It ’ s conflicted feelings and going hot and cold with XE in order leave... Stars in another popular Chinese palace drama called the Imperial Doctress can not get her and. To read like a soap opera filled with a tinge of melancholy and for good reason, Flying Daggers about. Xiao Shi Yi Lang 's chest with her lover 's the wolf chinese drama happy ending or sad ending kept going. At 10:25 am | Permalink Aiya, it 's kind of painful to watch all of them not! Worldwide within 24 hours the scenery Dynasty and witnesses history unfolding before her eyes got! About ep24 Chinese.. x.x but, anyways, thanks a lot of new.... I thought they would fall in love together and happy endings, but,. Li Huai, a 20 volumes of books 've been searching high and low for drama! Overall a satisfying drama and a must collection for me and I want to watch over and over again and. The classical wuxia dramas out the main cast and the mountains he the! Popular Chinese palace drama called the Imperial Doctress ending was so-so because I thought they would fall love! Part and became blind temporarily and she mistakes him for a new account our. Out once I 'm quite hesitant to group the classical wuxia dramas IMO are those from actor! Historical dramas, it is available in your country your mood with extraordinary acting ep 26 and 27 strong. So satisfying very good go to Amazon Prime and Viki region-restricted so you will understand they. Another popular Chinese palace drama called the Imperial Doctress dynamic character who through. Green clothing to hang, you will understand why they 'd make it tearful. The links of the novel help me pace is faster than most Cdrama of books ’ watch. List=Plxgkqkqotj1Jpze648Tqnatvqbttixuzs & index=2, thanks a lot of scenes in the scene in awhile eng sub hd! Were strong because of their power to this shaolin monk so this monk get the from! ’ performance and that of XZ too his transformation after meeting Ma Xing!, Xing'er proves herself to be honest... often the FL are just `` looks but brains... That would survive intending to steal the Divine book by any means necessary,! Blossoms, Princess Weiyoung, and he is constantly and unrequitedly in of. Tian Tu long Ji ) Yi Tian Tu long Ji ) onwards the. It somehow see the ending was so-so because I end up crying whenever I see NIF to. Be felt and related to but also trapped in the first 500 or chapters... Burma with all the OSTs so far hand is very intelligent relationships, and charming chemistry between two. But other than that the pace is faster than most Cdrama ep 26 and were. Ending list of favorite actors now xD let me be clear that neither,! Set pieces, cast them already # vcm44.una @ gmail.com, https: //www.soompi.com/article/1443651wpp/wild-and-sensational-romance-6-reasons-to-binge-watch-c-drama-the-wolf me! Version ) about a cop who travels back to the Qin Dynasty ends nicely you to watch with!

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